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Have you ever wondered how other chalkers first discovered this unique style of ministry? Or how their career in this field developed and expanded? Perhaps you would like to hear about their most embarrassing moment on stage from yesteryear or what new projects they are developing today. Tune in for all this and more.

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July 20, 2009

- Squeezing Ultra-Bright Black Light From Your Easel Hood

Over the years, I have had to wrestle with venues that were not darkened properly. There have been churches with huge skylights, floor to ceiling stained glass, and hosts that “forgot” to cover the windows, causing my fluorescent and hidden drawing effects to glow anemically (if at all). Most recently I was in a new facility which had auditorium lights that could not be shut off completely, only dimmed—a current trend in safety lighting for public buildings. For years, ambient light issues like these have plagued chalkers everywhere. But recently I discovered a fairly simple solution that solves most of these problems for a modest cost. Read the full article HERE.

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