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July 4, 2009

- Being a Fool For Christ

Over a century ago, Sam Loyd designed one of the most popular and magical puzzles ever created—more than ten million copies were produced! This genuine puzzle masterpiece is called “Get Off the Earth” and features a posse of sword-wielding Chinese warriors. I was inspired to re-imagine Sam’s puzzle with an added gospel flavor and had been tinkering around with this for over a year. Then, one day, my daughter Christy suggested using clowns. Viola! Finally, my version called “How Many Clowns?” is ready for release.

Click here to watch the puzzle animate.

This picture shows how I have adapted the puzzle into a simple tract for children which they can cut out and assemble. Part of the copy reads:

How many clowns can you find? Point the cross toward clown A and you will find 12. But one is lost! Sharing the Gospel is as simple as pointing the cross toward clown B. Count again. Now there are 13! The lost has been found!

Every soul is a circus,
And every life is a tent.
So be a fool for Jesus,
And smile wherever you're sent!

For God will use the foolish.
Yes, reach out and clown around.
Use all your gifts for Jesus,
Seek and the lost shall be found!

Feel free to distribute this puzzle as a gospel tract or use it as a give-away at your programs.

Download a full page (8 1/2" x 11") version HERE.
Download a half page (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") version HERE.

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