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Chalked & Amazed is the only "chalk radio" show on the internet. This interview program features some of the most well-known professionals in our field as well as those serious enthusiasts who present chalk art on a regular basis.

Have you ever wondered how other chalkers first discovered this unique style of ministry? Or how their career in this field developed and expanded? Perhaps you would like to hear about their most embarrassing moment on stage from yesteryear or what new projects they are developing today. Tune in for all this and more.

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June 23, 2009

- A Niche Worth Scratching: 25 Tips for Digging Up Free Music Online

Most chalk artists are always trying to improve their soundtracks. Yet, most of us don't want to spend a lot on music. Good news! The amount of free, legal music available on the internet for download is astounding. The problem is that some of it comes with nasty strings attached: pirated files (meaning free to you but often stolen from the copyright holder), embedded Trojan viruses or spyware, and much more. Getting through this minefield can paralyze even the most stouthearted into inaction.

But I have spent a lot of time digging through that online minefield and discovered some great gems buried out there: public domain music, vintage archive collections, sample production music, royalty free goodies, old vinyl, and freebies from musicians who post their works just because they want to share it. As you know, links come and links go. Hopefully most of these will still be active when you get around to looking. I have cut & pasted them directly from my browser to ensure accuracy. This article was originally written for The Christian Conjurer magazine.

Download the full article HERE.

If you have a favorite free music link you would like to share, send it my way and I will include it below as a supplement to this post.

Supplement Links to Article:
- Classic Cat: The Free Classical Catalog
- The Recordist (more free sound effects)
- GarageBand.com: Discover Independent Music
- SoundBible.com (free sound effects and clips)

June 19, 2009

- Episode 001: When Christmas Came to Thorn Creek Bridge

This first episode of Chalked & Amazed! does not follow the typical news & interview format which future episodes will have. This is actually an original chalk art soundtrack with a Christmas theme.

There are two versions of this audio story available for download. This is version one - narrated by me, which is why you may freely download it below. Version two is professionally narrated by George Sarris and may be downloaded as a bonus feature when you purchase Chalk Illustrated, issue #7.

Listen to a streaming version here.
Running time: 20:35

Right-click HERE to download the mp3 (audio) file.

A dream inspired this Christmas story over a decade ago which I wrote down and gave to my wife, Jil, as a gift. The idea of turning this tale into an old-style radio drama has been calling to me ever since. Now, I offer this story in its new audio format as my early Christmas gift to you - feel free to use it during the upcoming Christmas season (download a higher quality 256/38mb, mp3 file HERE or a Word version HERE).

The rewriting, editing, recording, and mixing were daunting but also a rewarding joy. I have not yet developed a drawing to go with this soundtrack but would enjoy seeing any designs you might create.

June 15, 2009

- Coming Soon!

Introducing something brand new for gospel chalk artists - a podcast designed just for you. It's time to kick the tires and see what's under the hood. It should be a fun ride once we get 'er up to speed so buckle in!
The old RV? It belonged to the first chalk artist I ever saw - my boyhood pastor and teacher Rev. Stephen Kiplinger. Stephen, thanks for leaving me chalked and amazed!