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Chalked & Amazed is the only "chalk radio" show on the internet. This interview program features some of the most well-known professionals in our field as well as those serious enthusiasts who present chalk art on a regular basis.

Have you ever wondered how other chalkers first discovered this unique style of ministry? Or how their career in this field developed and expanded? Perhaps you would like to hear about their most embarrassing moment on stage from yesteryear or what new projects they are developing today. Tune in for all this and more.

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July 7, 2013

- What Happened to the Podcast?

Unfortunately, the podcast has suffered a grievous lack of attention for quite a while—in fact, no new interviews have been released since 2009. The reasons are many and complicated, but the main issue had to do with the loss of podcasting equipment. There were several pieces of expensive, specialized equipment that I used to record live telephone interviews to my laptop hard drive. But the equipment was on temporary loan and was unexpectedly reclaimed by its owner.

About the same time, a complete relocation to another state along with a career change created a scarcity of free time to even think about how to reboot the podcast. So, between these unavoidable situations, the podcast had the cider squeezed from its adams apple. Oh, did I mention launching Chalk Illustrated, a free quarterly magazine for chalk artists?

A Promising New Hope?
Then I discovered that my friend and fellow chalker Dr. Rick Honea (see episode #6) had picked up the baton and was producing a podcast called Chalk Art Radio using a free service called Blog Talk Radio. So far, Rick has posted two, half-hour interviews, and you may listen to them now by clicking on these names: Gloria Kohlmann, and Kerry Kistler.

Rick may produce more shows later, or I might give the service a try some day (with his blessing), but there are limitations. First, there is a 30 minute constraint per show—longer interviews require a fee. Second, there is no option for editing shows. They are essentially done on the fly, in a single "take." And, because I sometimes stumble around like Porky Pig during interviews, I prefer to edit what gets released. Maybe YOU would be interested in tackling an interview podcast as a ministry to chalkers. Pray about it, and if you would like to collaborate in some way, e-mail me.

In the meantime, jump over to ChalkIllustrated.com and begin enjoying the quarterly magazine published exclusively for performing chalk artists.

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  1. Hi,

    Thans for the inspirerd interview with Gloria Kohlmann. It touched my heart.

    Mats Rydin, now in France