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December 25, 2009

- Merry Christmas & Year End Wrap Up

I did not want this Christmas day to pass without posting a few gifts for you to enjoy. As you know, Chalked & Amazed has a companion site called Golden Chalk Classics. This FREE archive collection is an ongoing project documenting the rich history and literature of chalk talk. Every PDF file has been indexed with OCR software which means you can throw dozens of book files in a folder and search the ENTIRE contents of the folder at the same time using Abode Reader. So, if you want to find ideas for a special theme like Christmas, or a Bible character like Noah, it will be a snap.

The Christmas artwork above (by E. J. Pace) can be found in one of the following books which I just posted for free downoad, Drawing Men to Christ by Phil Saint. Phil's daughter, Martha Saint-Berberian has graciously granted permission to make this vintage book available for a new generation of chalk artists.

Enjoy these classic titles and may your New Year be filled with peace, joy...and chalk dust.

1. DRAWING MEN TO CHRIST by Phil Saint, 1943, 64pp.

2. THROUGH THE EYE TO THE HEART by Rev. Wilbur Fisk Crafts, 1873, 251pp. (two different editions are posted for download)

3. PICTURED TRUTH by Rev. Robert Fletcher Young Pierce, 1895, 208pp.

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  1. Thanks so much. Wonderful spiritfilled chalartseducation!

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