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Chalked & Amazed is the only "chalk radio" show on the internet. This interview program features some of the most well-known professionals in our field as well as those serious enthusiasts who present chalk art on a regular basis.

Have you ever wondered how other chalkers first discovered this unique style of ministry? Or how their career in this field developed and expanded? Perhaps you would like to hear about their most embarrassing moment on stage from yesteryear or what new projects they are developing today. Tune in for all this and more.

Best of all, these Internet radio shows are FREE so listen here or download each one and begin enjoying them today. You will be...


September 30, 2009

- Announcing Golden Chalk Classics!

Chalked and Amazed now has a companion site called Golden Chalk Classics. This FREE archive collection is an ongoing project documenting the rich history and literature of chalk talk. The name "Golden Chalk Classics" reflects the fact that many of the books were first published well over 50 years ago - some closer to a century.

Many of these books are in the public domain and, currently, there are ten titles posted for FREE download - dozens more will be added as they are scanned. Whenever a new title is posted for download, an alert will be made here on Chalked and Amazed.

Here is a list of what is available for FREE download NOW at Golden Chalk Classics:

1. THE BLACKBOARD IN SUNDAY SCHOOL by Henry Turner Bailey, 1899, 131pp.

2. CHALK TALK and CRAYON PRESENTATION by Charles Bartholomew, 1922, 159pp.

3. BIBLE SYMBOLS (aka THE BIBLE IN PICTURES) by Frank Beard, 1904, 182pp.

4. BENGOUGH'S CHALK-TALKS by J. W. Bengough, 1922, 162pp.

5. CHALK TALK MADE EASY by William Allen Bixler, 1932, 129pp.


7. HAPPY HOURS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS by Daniel Elwood Lewis, 1909, 128pp.

8. PENCIL POINTS FOR PREACHER AND TEACHER by Rev. Robert Fletcher Young Pierce, 1905, 210pp. (flyleaf shown)

9. BLACKBOARD DRAWING by Frederick Whitney, 1902, 32pp. (flyleaf shown)

10. BLACKBOARD SKETCHING by Frederick Whitney, 1906, 63pp.

Also note, chalk art books which are still in print and available for sale are listed in the section called Current Chalk Classics (along with vendor links).

Links to Golden Chalk Classics are at the top of this page or enter HERE.

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